Expand the Storage Capabilities of the Data Center

For most companies, storage takes up a significant chunk of the IT budget. By improving the efficiency of your storage array, you can boost overall IT efficiency. Just imagine the possibilities if you could reclaim even a portion of the time, money, and resources that are currently devoted to supporting an outdated data storage solution.

Well imagine no more. Store more data with fewer systems. Use less space and power. Lower your operational costs. Do all this while maintaining or even improving the performance of your data center technology. Whether all flash, hybrid, or spinning disk, we provide exceptional, proven solutions that will allow you to more effectively store your business’s data.

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Store More with Less Equipment

  • All Flash Storage

    All flash is a storage alternative to spinning hard disk drives (HDD). Instead of dozens of disks read by small mechanical arms, flash storage technology operates using a process similar to a USB jump drive—but at a much larger scale. It has a much faster IOPS rate, occupies less space, and costs less to support overall. Customers have been able to condense their data center and conserve money on power and cooling by switching their tier 1 applications to a flash solution.

    For years, all flash storage has been a highly anticipated breakthrough in storage technology, but high costs have always kept it out of the market. Recently, Nimble Storage, Pure Storage, EMC, and NetApp have finally made these technologies cost-effective for modern businesses.

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  • Hybrid Storage

    Hybrid Storage combines flash-based solid state disk (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) to provide high performance at an affordable price. 

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