Choose Your Deployment Model: Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, or Public Cloud

What is Cloud Computing? It’s hard to go anywhere today without hearing the term, “cloud.” In movies, ads, and at work, it dominates conversations. Everyone wants to move to it. But not everyone truly understands it or realizes what’s involved. Adding to the noise, some of our competitors try to use marketing fluff like “cloud sushi,” or “cloud pizza,” rather than just saying what the cloud is: a method and a place for storing and processing data.

At Mindsight, we know how important your data is to your company. We’ll skip the cute terms and give it to you straight—so you can choose the cloud service and solution that’s right for your business.

Mindsight Cloud Services


Cloud backup allows you to stay protected against data loss by storing data copies securely off-site or on-premise, if required.

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Cloud disaster recovery strategies can be used to great advantage to protect business-critical data in the event of a disaster.

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Your network can be 100% cloud managed. Get visibility into your entire network under a single pane of glass with the Meraki suite of products.

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Mindsight Cloud Deployments


In a public cloud, businesses don’t need to purchase, maintain, and refresh an in-house data center. Instead, companies use the infrastructure and data center capabilities of a large cloud provider. At the provider’s site, resources are pooled and shared among all clients. Benefits include:

  • No Need for Hardware
  • Operational Expense, Not Capital Expense
  • Resource Flexibility
  • Secure Direct Connection
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Through the private cloud, you can take advantage of resources that are designated solely to your company. Unlike the public cloud, you will not be sharing resources among the provider’s other clients. These resources can be on-premise as converged infrastructure, or at a colocation. Benefits include:

  • Controlled Security
  • Maximized Hardware Usage
  • Cloud Can Be On-Premise or Colocated
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The hybrid cloud combines the strategies of both the public and private clouds to produce a solution customized for the unique needs of businesses. Some hardware is shared while other resources are designated solely to one organization. Benefits include:

  • Customized Deployments
  • Less Hardware
  • Maximized Hardware Usage
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