Data Security

Protect Your Network. Protect Your Business

Modern network security today is all about balance. In the face of cyber threats, a hands off policy leaves your company wide open to attack. Grip your network too tightly, however, and people won’t be able to do their jobs. Your IT team must find a middle ground. You need security policies to be effective and non-restrictive.

No matter the size of your company, Mindsight can help you navigate these tough security questions and enforce policies across your network. We can help you make administration easier, provide broader visibility into events, strengthen security controls, and improve business efficiency and flexibility.

Mindsight’s Approach to Data Security

  • Firewalls

    An effective firewall will stop the vast majority of cyber-threats and attacks. Before any other security strategies are discussed, a next-generation firewall is a good first step.

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  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Remotely connecting to the corporate network across a standard internet connection is risky. A VPN enables off-site access to the network while maintaining maximum security.

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  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDPS)

    Firewalls only protect the edge of the network. What happens to your environment when a threat sneaks by? If a threat breaches or finds a way around the firewall, an IDPS will detect, identify, and destroy the intruding program.

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  • Internet / Web Management

    Malware continues to find more innovative ways to attack a network. Mindsight’s web management solutions protect your employees as they browse the internet and perform their normal job duties.

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