Contact Center Applications

Expand Your Contact/Call Center Capabilities

Contact/call center platforms like UCCX and PureCloud deliver robust solutions for your customer service strategy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be expanded. Mindsight offers several additional contact center applications that can open new doors for reporting, organization, insight, and more.

Browse the applications below and make your contact/call center capabilities complete. Some of these applications are add-ons and some are built in. It depends on your platform. If you are unsure what your platform is equipped with, contact Mindsight.

Completing Your Contact/Call Center

  • Call Recording

    There’s precious information to be found in every call. Whether it’s a name and contact information, a project the customer is currently working on, or a complaint that needs to be addressed by corporate, knowing the details from your calls can certainly help your business. Include a call recording application from Mindsight in your strategy and learn more from every customer that contacts you.

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  • Workforce Management

    Reach a new level of organization with workforce management software. This application allows you to predict call volumes, staff the appropriate agents, and set up your contact/call center so you can always exceed your customer’s expectations.

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  • Call Reporting

    Translate data and statistics from your facility into easy-to-read and easy-to-share reports. By implementing a call reporting application, you can transform your contact/call center into a wealth of business intelligence.

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  • Omnichannel

    Break down silos of communication with an omnichannel strategy. Every chat, email, phone call, and social message can be connected and accessible to your agents at a moment’s notice.

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