Cloud Contact Center

The Customer Experience Meets Cloud Computing

Contact/call centers need to be nimble. They need to be agile. They need to quickly adjust to different customer demands and market fluctuations. For that reason, a cloud contact center platform is gaining wide appeal.

By building and releasing contact/call center platforms in the cloud, developers have been able to lift many of the obstacles to quick and decisive change in the contact/call center. The cloud contact/call centers can receive updates instantly. New features are simply unlocked in a few clicks instead of provisioned and deployed in a few weeks.

Most empowering of all, contact/call center representatives are no longer rooted to their offices. Instead, they can access their contact/call center platform from any PC or laptop anywhere they are—and still use any feature or capability available at the main office.

With an advanced certifications in PureCloud by Genesys, one of the leading cloud contact/call center products, Mindsight has the knowledge and the wherewithal to help you move your contact/call center to the cloud quickly and painlessly.

Cloud Contact Centers Available from Mindsight

  • PureCloud

    PureCloud is a comprehensive customer experience, contact/call center, and collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes. PureCloud is just one component of a larger suite of solutions, and specifically addresses the needs of a 21st century contact/call center.

    PureCloud is hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud and delivers a full-feature solution with exceptional reliability and capabilities.

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