VMware is one of the industry’s biggest names in virtualization. From virtualized servers to virtual desktop infrastructures, VMware helps companies reduce costs, condense their data centers, and streamline management by abstracting intelligence from hardware.

In the early 2000s, server virtualization was the big breakthrough in the technology industry. Companies were able to drastically reduce the size of their data centers, cut costs, and still provide that same levels of service. Today, those same principles that powered the server vritualization revolution are now being applied to other areas of the environment, and VMware is leading the charge.

One intriguing area is in virtual desktop infrastructure. In that arena, Mindsight and VMware offer Horizon View. It takes the operating system of a PC or laptop (normally installed directly on the device) and virtualizes it. Now, that same desktop operating system is hosted in the data center and accessed remotely. The IT team no longer needs to update endpoints manually, and spinning up a new desktop instance is as easy as creating a virtual machine. On the user side, employees can access the same, seamless desktop experience on any device from anywhere they can access the corporate network.

This is just one example of the innovation that they bring to the industry every year. Other exciting areas include software defined networking, virtual storage area networks, and their public cloud platform.


    • VSphere
    • Horizon View
    • NSX
    • VSAN
    • VCloud Air


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