Before the Attack


Before the attack is launched, a hacker may perform some reconnaissance on your network. From there, many hackers personalize their malware to capitalize on a discovered weakness. The goal of data security before the attack is to create a shell around your network so impenetrable that nothing can go into or out of your network without you knowing what it is and why it’s here. The vast majority of attacks can be stopped before they start, so make sure your outer defenses are up to the challenge.

Security Solutions Before the Attack

  • Firewalls

    An effective firewall will stop the vast majority of cyber threats and attacks. Before any other security strategies are discussed, a next-generation firewall is a good first step.

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  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Remotely connecting to the corporate network across a standard internet connection is risky. A VPN enables offsite access to the network while maintaining maximum security.

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  • Cisco Umbrella

    Cisco offers a new apporach to security by replacing your DNS regulator with the power of Cisco Umbrella. Stop your company from accessing malicious URLs with the unparalleled threat intelligence of Cisco.

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