Data Center Strategies and Solutions

The data center is at the core of any company’s technology strategy. Through a collection of servers and storage, the data center powers the programs and software businesses use every day. Mindsight has vast expertise with the latest data center strategies and solutions. We can help you condense and streamline your data center with converged infrastructure, virtualization, and flash storage technologies.

Build a More Effective Data Center with Mindsight

  • Converged Infrastructure

    Every converged infrastructure design we recommend is a proven arrangement of perfectly integrated hardware. Multiple manufacturers come together with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) at the center to create powerful “Data Center in a Box” solutions.

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  • Data Center Virtualization

    In the past, each server in a data center would be assigned to support a single application. It was expensive. It was wasteful. It was the way it was. Today, virtualization creates multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single server. This allows each server to support multiple applications at the same time, saving you money on equipment and maintenance.

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  • Data Storage

    Every minute of every day, your company creates data, and all of it needs to be kept somewhere. Whether you utilize all flash storage for tier one applications, or hard disk drivers (HDD) for archives, data storage is an essential part of your IT environment.

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  • Data Backup and Recovery

    Data is useless if it’s lost. Mindsight can ensure you always have access to your data through the latest data backup and recovery solutions.

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  • Core Infrastructure Applications

    A company’s data center strategy is based on several core infrastructure applications. These programs, such as Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory, support the rest of the technology framework of an organization.

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