Cisco Jabber

Collaborate Without Limitations

Cisco Jabber is an all-in-one communication tool that boosts productivity using instant messaging, voice, voice messaging, and conferencing. Jabber is a great way to keep teams connected wherever they are.

Advantages of Using Cisco Jabber

  • Combines communications across platforms and devices with a single interface
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Secure, easy to deploy, and scalable to thousands of users
  • Offers intuitive user interface with easy access to address books and presence statuses
  • Can be used through common software applications like Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint
  • Allows a laptop or tablet to be used as a mobile, high-definition video conferencing system
  • Enables faster responses without the need for email. Chat with available co-workers instantly
  • Encourages more employee interaction and creates a united team environment

New Features in Cisco Jabber 11.5

Chat Alerts Sound Menu
Jabber now lets you customize your default alert noise.

Broadcast Messages
Send the same chat message to multiple contacts at once without creating a chatroom.

Multiple Device Messaging
For users with Jabber on their phone, tablet, and PC, Jabber now syncs the devices together. Read past chat history regardless of the device it was accessed on. Messages read on one device will update on others.

In chat rooms, users can now mention specific members with the @ symbol.

Destination Folders
Now you can specify the destination folder for received files transferred through chat.

Screen Sharing
Instead of defaulting to your main screen, you can choose which screen to display when initiating a screen share.

Click to Call in Top Browsers
When using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, users can initiate a Jabber call by simply highlighting the phone number.

Jabber for Windows – Virtual Experience
Jabber Virtual Experience Media Edition is a software-only solution that provides Jabber for virtual environments. (Citrix/VMware)

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    Mindsight has a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner certification. We are an authorized technology provider for Cisco Telepresence Advanced, and have specializations in advanced collaboration architectures.

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