Mindsight Technology Solutions

Overcome Your IT Obstacles

Mindsight is dedicated to helping business professionals overcome their technology challenges. To do this, we’ve developed strategic partnerships—and earned high-level certifications—with the top manufacturers in the industry. These names include Cisco, Microsoft, Nimble, NetApp, VMWare, Citrix, EMC, Interactive Intelligence, and more. These partnerships, along with our advanced engineering expertise, give you access to the most powerful and complete technology solutions available today.

At Mindsight, our specialty is listening. It’s our job to understand every angle of your goals, your environment, and the obstacles standing in your way. We don’t just sell hardware or applications. We mold sophisticated technologies into a perfect solution to get you where you want to go.

Explore the services and specialties below to learn more about what Mindsight can bring to your organization.

Mindsight’s Customized Solutions Across the Technology Spectrum

Data Center

The data center may be the single most important part of your business infrastructure. Without it, the entire company could be paralyzed and unable to function. As your business grows, ensuring the health and proper care of your data center only becomes more challenging.

Through cutting-edge data center solutions, Mindsight can revolutionize your on-premise or colocated data center. Our consultants will not only increase your data center’s reliability, but also increase its performance and decrease costs, so you can comfortably scale your data center as your business expands.

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Effective communication is vital to the continued success of your organization. Mindsight can help you determine the best voice, telepresence, and collaboration solution to match your environment’s unique needs. Whether across Chicago or across the country, your team can work together as if they were just across the table.

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Contact Center

The modern contact/call center is a hub for client communication across numerous channels. In order to ensure that your team is meeting customer expectations, it’s important to have tools like call recording and call reporting in place. Mindsight can take a look at your current infrastructure and determine what additional technology may be right for you.

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Network Infrastructure

As the business world becomes more and more digitized, organizations must be able to securely use files, applications, and resources when they need them. Adding to the challenge, the workforce is no longer tied to desks and physical locations. Employees need access to network resources wherever they are. The result is companies are now required to maintain vast wireless networks just to stay competitive. Mindsight can construct or enhance your network to account for modern workloads, while positioning you for success as your business scales.

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Custom Development

Not every application will perfectly align with your business from the start. For that reason, Mindsight staffs a custom development team to help our clients realize the full potential of their applications. From custom web applications to testing, reporting, and integrations, Mindsight’s custom development services can ensure that your applications match your business needs.

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