Security as a Service operates on many of the same principles as other cloud solutions. Companies can access its capabilities without hardware on-premise, costs are predictable, and the solution can rapidly scale to meet the needs of the business. Beyond its cloud capabilities, Security as a Service provides a robust suite of security tools to protect an environment from cyber threats and increase network reliability and visibility.

Mindsight’s Security as a Service


Cloud Defender:
Visibility is key to any security strategy. Cloud Defender provides your team with insight into your cloud, hybrid, or on-prem infrastructure. These tools are then monitored by Mindsight’s 24x7x365 alert monitoring service.

Cloud Insight:
Cloud Insight is geared specifically for Amazon Web Services deployments and offers exceptional scanning capabilities. It cross references your application configurations with a growing library of over 92,000 known vulnerabilities.

Threat Manager and Active Watch:
Threat Manager and Active Watch serve as the core monitoring functions of Mindsight’s Security as a Service solution. Our security teams will keep a constant eye on your environment and alert you of any anomalies that may arise.

Web Security Manager:
Business networks are compromised when an employee happens to click an infected link or attachment. Web Security Manager will monitor endpoints connected to your network. If such a link is clicked, the system will contact you with remediation steps to correct the issue.

Log Manager:
By collecting the logs from your firewalls, switches, routers, and other networking equipment, we can analyze the data for trends or deviations which could indicate a breach.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    Mindsight offers the Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap to provide the information you need to make the most of a technology in your data center. With strong partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Pure Storage, enterprise-class storage providers, and more, our senior consultants possess a wealth of experience and expertise in advanced technology solutions. The roadmap will yield a strategic report on the state of your data center and the necessary steps to address any uncovered issues and capitalize on any opportunities. 

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  • Path to the Cloud Analysis

    Cloud is on the lips of every IT department in the industry. Let Mindsight help guide you there with our Path to the Cloud Analysis. Our senior consultants will analyze your environment, identify any applications ready to be launched into the cloud, and provide a roadmap forward. Additionally, if your environment would be better served with on-prem solutions, we can analyze a portion of your data center and offer our best recommendations as to how to maximize this solution.

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Security in the Cloud Guide

Security in the Cloud GuideThe cloud is a huge change in data center strategy, and more and more companies are taking advantage of it. Unfortunately, they’re still using the same security strategies as before. An on-prem approach to data security is ill-equipped to address the security needs of the cloud and, worse yet, actually undermines the reasons you went to the cloud in the first place.

This guide will give you insight on ways to properly protect your technology assets and make the most of your cloud deployment. Download your free copy of the guide today.


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