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At Mindsight, we understand that IT professionals like yourself care about the technology at hand, and how it can help you be more efficient, productive, and strategic. Rather than cloaking our technology solutions in a bunch of marketing speak, we’ve laid out all technology solutions for IT professionals below. If you have questions, or would like to discuss any of our solutions with one of our consultants, please contact us.

Mindsight's Technology Solutions


If you need some ammunition to help you migrate to the cloud in a budget-friendly way, Mindsight provides a Path to the Cloud Analysis. Our assessment will help you decide which applications can and can’t be moved to the cloud, so you have a solid strategy and plan for your cloud migration.

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Data Center

Converged Infrastructure

Backed by some of the most powerful names in the industry, Mindsight’s converged infrastructure options will shrink your data center footprint without shrinking your performance. Unsure of which converged infrastructure model to choose? Contact Mindsight and our consultants can help determine the best solution for you.


Nowadays, the data center is almost completely virtualized. From servers to personal computers, virtualization allows you to do more with less. If you have not virtualized your environment, but would like to, contact a Mindsight consultant to walk you through the options that make the most sense for your company.

Data Storage

We know how important your storage is to you, so we carry some of the biggest names in the industry. Whether you’d like to explore new storage manufacturers or stay with your existing one, Mindsight can keep you up-to-date on the latest products and advancements.

Data Backup and Recovery

A company loses everything when it loses its data. Prevent your company from having a crisis by implementing one of Mindsight’s backup and recovery solutions.

Core Infrastructure Applications

There are some essential applications every company needs in order to do business. Let us help you set up your Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and more.

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Whether you need a completely new system, an upgrade to an existing system, or just a few phones, Mindsight can help you determine what works best for you.


From IM and voicemail to webinars and chat rooms, Mindsight has a number of different options to help you connect with coworkers and clients alike.


Telepresence and video will help you have the face-to-face meetings your business is used to—even when employees aren’t physically in the office. Mindsight has a number of telepresence and video options. Let us help you figure out the best solution.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, fewer and fewer employees are carrying around company phones and other company-issued devices. Instead, employees are bringing in their own devices to use at work. Mindsight can help you ensure your network is secure and ready to handle the additional technology accessing your network.

Border Elements and SIP Trunking

Gain a secure connection between your company’s network and your service provider with Mindsight’s Border Elements solutions.

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Contact Center


Cisco offers contact center platforms for deployments of all sizes. Mindsight is a certified Cisco Gold Partner, and has earned the Advanced Networking Specialization as well as the Unified Contact Center Enterprise Advanced Technology Provider certification (UCCE ATP)—which allows us to design and install UCCE and PCCE deployments.


Genesys specializes in voice, video, and contact center technologies. PureCloud, offers an all-in-one cloud solution for collaboration, document sharing, working rooms, co-browsing, screensharing, and other advanced contact/call center features. Mindsight is a Genesys elite partner.

Cloud Contact Center

Rather than worrying about whether to purchase more hardware, upgrade systems, or replace equipment that’s nearing end of life, Mindsight has contact/call center options that are purely cloud-based.

Contact Center Applications

From social media management to call recording, we have solutions to make your contact/call center more strategic and able to exceed customer expectations.

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Network Infrastructure

Your company’s access to data is only as good as your network. Ensure you have the best infrastructure in place to satisfy your business needs. If you need a specific solution or an assessment of your current network, our highly-certified consultants can help.


Enable your employees to work anywhere without being restricted by office or cubicle walls. Mindsight’s wireless solutions detect and prevent airwave interference, give you insight into your network, and allow you to have a cost effective option without sacrificing performance.

Data Networks

While wireless may be the trend, wired networks are still extremely important to businesses. Mindsight has a range of options from LAN/WAN to SDN, and tools to help ensure you have the fastest and most reliable connection possible.

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Data Security

Data Security

With the onslaught of malware, ransomware, and hackers, it’s extremely important to not only secure your network, but also have a plan for an attack. The Mindsight security consultants can help you devise a strategy for if and when an attack occurs.

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Managed IT Services

Take the headache out of day to day operations and let us handle your environment. Whether you just need 24×7 monitoring or for Mindsight to manage your entire environment, we can help you find a service level that makes the most sense for you.

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Technical Support (T-Support)

Whether you just need a couple of extra hands for a quick project or would like our highly certified engineers on retainer, we offer many different technical support levels. Get the benefit of our experience and expertise when you need it.

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We know you’re looking for technology experts, so we made sure that over 90% of our engineers are highly-certified. From Cisco to Citrix, Nimble to NetApp, we have some massive certification chops.

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