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Through the Contact Center Roadmap, Mindsight consultants take time to understand your business goals, to learn how the contact center fits in with those goals, and to chart an achievable roadmap to meet them. With a contact center roadmap—and our help—we can increase your net promoter score (NPS), improve customer satisfaction, drive revenue growth, and strengthen team satisfaction within budgetary means.

Four Service Areas of a Contact Center Roadmap

The Contact Center Roadmap is a versatile service. Whether preparing the contact center to roll out a new mobile app, performing a contact center overhaul, or just fine-tuning certain processes, the Mindsight consultants are ready to help.

Though we are happy to work with you on a specific project, the Contact Center Roadmap is generally used in one of four areas:

  • Business Process Improvements

    In any given day, the contact center must process an enormous amount of calls and customer data. The more efficiently the contact center can organize this information, the more productive the contact center will be overall. A roadmap can be used to analyze the existing processes in your contact center to identify opportunities to streamline procedures and cut gridlock.

  • Contact Center Systems and Tools

    The technology working behind the scenes as well as front and center in your contact center is crucial to business success. Mindsight can recommend and deploy new technologies to address persistent challenges or to open up new opportunities in your customer experience.

  • Custom Applications and Integrations

    Not every application is perfectly suited to your needs right out of the box. Sometimes a 3rd party integration or even a custom application is necessary to meet your needs. Mindsight has a custom development team on staff who can perform these integrations or developments as part of a Contact Center Roadmap.

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  • Managed Services

    Offload the management or maintenance responsibilities of your contact center technology to the engineers at Mindsight. Our team can offer 24/7 alert monitoring or even complete administration of your environment.

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Mindsight Certifications

  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Authorized Technology Provider (UCCE ATP)

    Mindsight is equipped to sell and deploy the enterprise-level contact/call center platform from Cisco. Only a handful of technology partners in the Chicago area and 28 nationally have earned the necessary certification work with UCCE.

  • Cisco Master Collaboration Specialist

    The Master Collaboration Specialist certification is given to technology partners who demonstrate a thorough understanding of Cisco collaboration technology. Whether WebEx, Spark, or other tools, Mindsight has proven to be experts with these solutions.

  • Genesys Partner

    Mindsight maintains a close working relationship with Genesys and has a deep understanding of their contact center solutions. PureCloud, PureConnect, or PureEngage are all well-suited to a wide variety of industries and contact centers, and Mindsight has the experience to deploy them in your environment.

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