Top 5 Mindsight Blog Posts of 2017

It’s December, and the year is coming to a close. On the Mindsight blog, we publish articles on IT, the contact center, and the advances in the technology industry four times a week, every week. That adds up to a lot of articles when it’s all said and done. Below, we’ve compiled together some of our most popular articles for the year.

Check out the articles below to see what’s been on the minds of technologists, IT directors, contact center managers, and business leaders in Chicago and beyond.


Top Mindsight Blog Posts of 2017


1.  Understanding the Cyber Kill Chain

Cyber security is commonly one of the most popularized and misunderstood aspects of IT. Movies and television often paint the act of hacking as some sort of trick or knack. Type the right keys, and you’ll bypass a security system.

In reality, a cyber attack is a sophisticated process that occurs in seven phases that begins with reconnaissance of your environment and ends when they seize their objective. Our top article of the year walks you through these steps to provide greater insight into the kinds of threats facing our networks today.

Read, “Understanding the Cyber Kill Chain” today.


2.  Cisco Spark and Slack: Product Comparison

Cisco Spark is a versatile collaboration platform. It includes messaging, meetings, video conferencing, file sharing, white boarding, and a slew of other tools, but it is not without competition. Slack boasts many of the same features as Spark. In this blog, we compare these two leading solutions against one another to see how they stack up.

Explore the cutting edge of collaboration technology in our blog post, “Cisco Spark and Slack: Product Comparison”


3.  5 Must Haves in a Data Backup Strategy

As business functions become more and more intertwined with technology, the importance of data backup solutions is only going to increase. Every business needs a backup solution, but not every backup solution is the same. In order to ensure that you can count on the reliability of your backups, your solution needs to have these five things.

Learn what those aspects are in our blog post, 5 Must Haves in a Data Backup Strategy.”


4.  Infographic: Curing Small Business Pain Points with Managed Services

Small business IT departments often have the same problems as the enterprise. They just have less resources to solve it. Because of this dynamic, managed services proves to be a cost-effective supplement to their existing IT team.

Managed services solves many pain points of small businesses. In our top five blog posts of the year is this infographic detailing these problems and how managed services addresses them.

Check out the infographic, “Curing Small Business Pain Points with Managed Services.”


5.  SDWAN vs IWAN: Breaking Down the Difference

In the technology industry, there’s a lot of overlapping terms. There are so many new technologies being released at the same time, there is rarely a consensus on terminology at the outset. Meanwhile, different manufacturers often put their own spin on an industry term to brand their product. It can be easy to be confused.

In this article, we address the software defined network (SDN), the software defined wide area network (SDWAN), and the intelligent wide area network (IWAN). Though they may sound similar, the distinctions between these products and concepts are very important.

Learn more about these terms in our blog, “SDWAN vs IWAN: Breaking Down the Difference.”


Looking Forward to 2018

With December almost over, we can look ahead to 2018. The technology industry moves so quickly, it is in some ways impossible to predict what the next year will look like. Cloud is sure to remain a large topic of conversation as public, hybrid, and private options become more and more mainstream. Furthermore, SDWAN is poised to play a major role in reducing WAN costs for midsized businesses. Whatever happens, we look forward to delivering insightful articles on subjects across the industry.

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