Annual Roadmap Sneak Peek: Customer Journeys from Every Angle

On September 14, 2017, Mindsight is hosting our largest event of the year, our Annual Roadmap Conference. Annual Roadmap is an excellent opportunity to learn about the emerging trends in the contact center industry and the customer experience from consultants and professionals who work with dozens of different contact centers throughout the year. Our consultants will share this experience through engaging and informative seminars on the most important trends impacting your contact center in the coming year.

This week, we’re releasing a video teaser with one of our session hosts, Kleid Gjataj. In the video, we discussed the topic of his session and the value it will provide.


Sneak Peek: Customer Journeys from Every Angle



The Changing Nature of the Contact Center Industry

This session will touch upon a larger theme within the contact center industry today. Technology has changed or is changing the relationship between businesses and their customers. The contact center is on the front lines of addressing this change.

Today, consumers have a myriad of avenues when dealing with a business. Furthermore, there are undoubtedly competitors offering a similar or the same product or service that the company provides. Adding onto that, the internet has allowed consumers to interact with brands regardless of their geographical relationship to their consumer. Consumers no longer go to the mall to shop at the stores that happen to be located at that particular mall. The internet is the mall, and every business under the sun has a store looking for the consumer’s patronage and loyalty.

In this climate, one of the primary distinguishing characteristics of a business is the quality of the shopping experience. If you can create a superior shopping and customer service experience, you can foster customer loyalty. This dynamic has been termed, the Age of the Customer, and contact centers must be able to adapt to the new standards of service technology has set.


What Does this Have to Do with the Customer Journey Map?

Simply put, a customer journey map allows a business to gain insight on the variety of ways in which a customer engages with your brand and navigates the buying cycle. By understanding this process in all of its variations and subtleties, you can anticipate pain points of the consumer, understand their position during interactions with your contact center, and most importantly, account for these issues and hopefully correct them.

Customer Journeys from Every Angle will equip you with the strategies and insight you need to begin a comprehensive customer journey map. In addition, you’ll also gain perspective on different industries, different customer service approaches, and spur new ideas on how to gain a competitive edge with your own customer service strategy.


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