Email Queuing Comes to Finesse in UCCX 10.6Read

  March 16, 2015 In one of my recent blogs, I talked about what was new in UCCX and whether or not the upgrades are worth it. One of the biggest features in UCCX 10.6 is the ability for agents using the Finesse Agent Desktop to handle routed emails using the new email gadget. This […]

Software Defined Storage – A Game Changing InnovationRead

  March 11, 2015 Software Defined Datacenters or (SDDC) have been the major architectural milestone for the data center virtualization industry. Compute resources have been effectively virtualized to be mobile and flexible, however, storage and networking still exist as less pliable programmatic, granular, and modular design components in virtualization. In his post, “VMware’s Strategy for […]

Evaluating Cloud for BusinessRead

  March 4, 2015 Over the past few years, the cloud computing landscape has captivated consumer audiences with its flexibility and lean consumption ideology. The technology marketplace has reached critical mass in complexity with a myriad of application deployment options and no regulation in cloud adoption techniques or future state planning. Even with an experienced […]

Exceptional Service With The IoT: Contact Center StrategyRead

  March 3, 2015 There is a theory in the contact center world that communication should not be based around business to business or business to consumer, but rather on business to person.  Businesses are not buying what you have to sell. Individual purchasing managers are now the ones making these decisions.  Consumers are not […]

How Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Addresses the Full Attack ContinuumRead

March 2, 2015 Security experts often throw around the term “next generation firewall,” but what does it mean exactly, and how is it different from a traditional firewall? In this blog, I will touch on the difference between the two firewall approaches and how Cisco ASA with FirePOWER services addresses the full attack continuum. Traditional […]

Cisco Meraki Cloud Solutions Are A Great Choice for Enterprise CompaniesRead

  February 18, 2015 Meraki has taken the K-12 and SMB market by storm since Cisco announced the Meraki acquisition for $1.2 billion in late 2012. Meraki’s cloud managed security, switching, wireless, and MDM products have grown tremendously in features and in scope, while ultimately finding their way into some of the largest distributed office and […]

Best Practices for Deploying Work from Home Contact Center AgentsRead

  February 14, 2015 The contact center has been evolving since its inception and, most recently, has been pulling a magical act—disappearing. Because of this, many companies are now moving towards adopting virtual contact centers or virtual remote staffing. This highly innovative approach is not only cost effective, but it also enables companies to find […]

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