[Infographic] Top Five Cloud Security Threats

The writing is on the wall. The cloud is the future of data center strategy, and more and more companies are finding value in it. The only real variable here is how much of a company’s environment will be cloud-hosted. Some companies have very little data in the cloud, while others are almost completely migrated to the cloud. Either way, a hybrid cloud mix of on-prem and cloud applications appears to be the new normal in businesses of all sizes. Businesses now need to determine how to properly secure their cloud deployments, and unfortunately, the cloud, like on-premise data centers, are still vulnerable to a wide array of security threats.

Take a look at our cloud security infographic below to learn more about the top threats facing the cloud.

Security Threats in the Cloud

  • Data Breaches
  • Account Hijacking
  • Insecure APIs
  • DOS and DDOS Attacks
  • Advanced Persistent Threats


Cloud Security


A New Approach to Data Security

On-premise data security and security in the cloud are not the same. The cloud has unique considerations that need to be made in order to properly protect applications. For example, on-premise security solutions are not nearly as agile or as easily scaled as cloud deployments. Attempting to protect your cloud with a slow, rigid security solution will undermine one of the best benefits of the cloud. It strips away the cloud’s agility. Instead, the new trend is Security as a Service. It allows you to protect the cloud with the cloud.

Download Mindsight’s Guide to Security as a Service

Download our free guide for a full analysis of the cloud security challenge. We break down the reasons why legacy security solutions are ill-equipped to secure the cloud and how a Security as a Service solution is better suited for the task.

Learn more in Security in the Cloud: Protecting Your Environment Beyond the Edge.

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