Hunger Games 2017: Donations for a Good Cause

The fourth annual Mindsight Hunger Games is now officially over. In three teams, the Mindsight staff competed in a variety of challenges in the office and across the Chicago area. Along the way, we had a few laughs, raised money for important national and local charities, and raised awareness of the food insecurity issues facing our country. Now that the competition is over, we can report on how our competition helped in the fight against hunger in America.


Hunger Games: Games and Donations

The Hunger Games this year were structured around a simple point system. The teams competed head-to-head in a series of challenges and activities each worth a set amount of points. The team to accrue the most points won.  Many of these challenges also served to benefit local charities.


  • Team Spirit Day and Cultural Potluck: Mindsight employees wore their favorite sports team jersey to work if they donated $5 to Feeding America. In addition, Mindsight also hosted a cultural potluck in the office. Employees were encouraged to bring in a dish to honor their heritages. To partake in the meal, employees gave another $5 donation to Feeding America. Between these two activities, Mindsight donated $188 to the organization.


  • Penny Wars: Each team put out a jar in the office for the month of the Hunger Games. Team members could accrue points by putting pennies in their own jar or take points away from their opponents by placing silver coins (nickels, dimes, and quarters) in their opponent’s jar. Points were awarded for whoever had the most pennies (after subtractions) as well as the most money in the jar overall. This lead to teams placing small and larger bills in the jars to bump up their standing. In the end, the Penny War was a huge success and lead to a $558 donation to Feeding America.


  • Direct Donations: Direct donations are always encouraged! For every $100 donated to one of the charities below, the Hunger Games team scored points.


  • Bowling for Soup: We set up a makeshift bowling alley in the halls rolling a rubber ball to knock down plastic bottles. After ten frames, the losing teams were required to donate the winning team’s point total in canned goods. Our winners had a score of 76, which meant the losers each needed to donate 76 cans of food to those in need.


  • Buy a Meal for Those in Need: Employees went out and bought food from food trucks to give a lunch to homeless Chicagoans in need.



A Fun Way to Do Some Good

At Mindsight, we look forward to the Hunger Games every year. It’s an opportunity to give back to our community, learn about a pressing issue facing our country, and take part in the fight against it. This year’s Hunger Games lead to nearly $1000 in donations to important organizations doing important work. We’re happy to help in whatever capacity we can, and to the Hunger Games team that won, congratulations on your victory.  To those who lost, better luck next year.


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