How Cisco Spark Care Fits into Your Omnichannel Strategy

Cisco Spark care is a type of Spark deployment that focuses on the customer experience. Whereas the standard Spark application serves as a comprehensive collaboration tool for teams to improve communication and project management, Spark Care instead provides assistance for small customer service teams. It makes use of several key Spark features in a new context to provide a needed solution for the contact center.


Cisco Spark Care and the Big Picture

Today, the contact center is asked to do a lot. The intersection of the internet and smartphone culture with modern business requires companies to provide a number of online customer service solutions that simply weren’t necessary ten years ago. In this age of the customer, the contact center must offer chat, voice, social media, a website, self-service tools on said website, and more just to offer the expected customer experience.

Furthermore, these different channels must be able to share information with each other. For example, a customer who engages in a web chat conversation should not have to repeat themselves if they call into the contact center at a later time. The contact center agent should have that previous customer data on hand to pick up the conversation where it last left off. This dynamic is known as Omnichannel, and it is the next big transformative trend in the contact center.

Cisco Spark care is important and relevant, because it can meet the high standards of omnichannel strategy with a simple and elegant solution.


What is Cisco Spark Care?

In a nutshell, Cisco Spark care is a webchat tool, but that only tells part of the story. Designed for small customer service groups of five to twenty agents, Cisco Spark care can be embedded into your website and offer helpdesk support through a pop up chat window.

Whereas other chat tools create silos of communication, Cisco Spark care will fit into your omnichannel strategy. Here’s how:


  • Chat: The chat tool in Cisco Spark is very robust and offers a number of key features that contribute to an omnichannel strategy. Customers can chat with agents on your website during pre-determined business hours, and you can prompt an agent with customer information before the chat actually begins. After the chat is complete, the record is, of course, saved for future reference, but it is also available for the customer to download directly from the tool.


  • Callback: This feature gives your visitors the option to request a call back from the contact center team. From there, the agent need only make a single click to initiate the call. Each agent is able to engage in up to five simultaneous chat conversations, which allows a full team to engage with one hundred contacts at once. In addition, the agent can also be on a voice call while at the same time conversing with another contact over chat.


  • Agent Selection: Agents have clear visibility into incoming contacts. This provides them the opportunity to select which contact they should respond to. This feature is key when your agent team has diverse subject matter experts. The right agent can respond to the right chat.


  • Customer Context: Every customer has a customer profile in which a history of their interactions with the company are stored. That information is readily available to agents, and the agent can also update this information, add notes, and add tags to the log for future use. This helps break down those barriers between communication channels, so your team always has a comprehensive understanding of the customer and the situation.


  • Interface: The application comes with a clear and organized desktop interface that displays incoming contacts, current contacts, as well as contact history.


  • Reporting: Quickly generate reports on team performance, customer satisfaction scores, and handling metrics. Reporting is essential to maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction. Overtime, you will be able to use this reporting tool to map trends in your customer experience, spot anomalies, and identify areas for improvement in your strategy.


  • 24×7 Support: If your team encounters difficulty, Cisco offers 24×7 support on all paid offers of Cisco Spark Care.


See Cisco Spark Care in Action

Check out this video below for a brief demonstration of the capabilities of Cisco Spark Care:



Establishing Omnichannel with Cisco Spark Care

The advanced features of Spark Care elevate the application above other web chat tools. Rather than creating a new, independent channel for your customers, Spark Care can be integrated into a cohesive customer service strategy. Combined with a strong customer care team and diligent processes, your contact center can use Cisco Spark Care as a springboard to create a true omnichannel contact center.


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