Case Study: Reclaiming Terabytes of Storage with VMware Operations Center

IT departments often operate on tight budgets that don’t have much room for unexpected expenses. Yet, this exact situation happens more often than anyone would like. Whether it is a server failure, new equipment necessary for new applications, or even just a spike in business exceeding capacity, these issues throw a wrench in the budget. In the case of our client, a global manufacturing organization, the same problem continued to occur. They contact Mindsight in search of a solution.


The Problem

The root of the problem for our client was a lack of visibility into their network. On multiple occasions, the client would suddenly realize they were running out of storage and request additional funds from the CFO to expand the storage array. Each time, the CFO would need to rearrange budgets to secure enough funding to purchase new storage equipment, and each time it proved to be a major disruption.


The Solution

Mindsight’s recommendation was to deploy VMware Operations Center in an attempt to increase network visibility and prevent storage shortages from creeping up on the IT department. One of the key benefits of Operations Center is that it provides predictive analytics. Operations Center provides an estimated date that the environment will exceed storage capacity based on current usage trends.

While this function of Operations Center at least allowed the IT department to prepare for when the environment would exceed storage capacity, it didn’t solve the problem. The environment was still growing at too rapid a pace to keep up with their new equipment acquisitions. Operations Center was able to analyze their VMs in the environment and generate a report of their efficiency and usage. With this report in hand, our client was able to identify overprovisioned, under provisioned, or inactive VMs and reclaim them.


The Results

After the analysis from Operations Center, the client was able to reclaim a significant amount of their data as well as establish a working estimate for when the environment will exceed its normal limits. This resulted in 450 gigs of RAM memory reclaimed and 8TB of storage out of a total environment of 30TB. That’s over a quarter of their entire array. Now, the IT department will not only have more data to work with, but they can provide their CFO with fair warning of their current and future needs.


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