Certified Authority

If there’s one truth in the technology industry, it’s that nothing stays the same. Technology manufacturers are constantly refining, innovating, and changing what’s possible. In order for us as consultants to deliver the candid, no nonsense advice our clients have come to expect from us, we need to know what we’re talking about. In other words, we need to stay on the ball. We need to be a certified authority.

Our business is based on our expertise, so we take our accreditation very seriously. Each certification we possess goes a long way toward demonstrating our commitment to knowledge, accuracy, and progress. In order to earn and maintain these certifications, Mindsight must enroll in a number of continuing education courses to keep our skills sharp.

By keeping up with the latest in the technology industry, we can recommend better solutions, understand how old applications might integrate with new ones, and help you navigate all the challenges of information technology.

Mindsight has expert-level certifications from multiple vendors and partners. Visit our technologies page for more information about Mindsight certifications as it pertains to each technology solution we offer. From Cisco, to NetApp, to Microsoft, Mindsight has you covered.