Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage is an all flash and hybrid flash manufacturer. Through Nimble, our clients can access their Predictive Flash platform which combines all flash storage with big data analytics to improve performance, avert issues, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Nimble was one of the first of a new generation of storage startups to embrace hybrid and flash storage. All flash storage arrays possess some significant advantages over their hard disk drive (HDD) cousins. In disk storage, the IOPS performance of the array is limited by the speed of the spin and the mechanical arm that must physically search the disk for your requested data. In flash, it’s all electrical. The only limit is bandwidth.

Thanks to the innovation in flash storage done by Nimble and companies like them, all flash has come down in price. It can now compete with spinning disk storage for tier one application deployments.

One major difference between Nimble Storage and their competitors is the Infosight engine. It gathers data from every connected Nimble Storage array in operation around the world. With this data, it identifies trends and commonalities in the equipment. This gives the storage administration team immense insight into their deployment. Infosight will give administrators an accurate projection of when the company will need to expand their storage capacity. If there’s an issue with the hardware, it has likely occurred somewhere else around the world as well. Infosight will speed up the troubleshooting process and help you diagnose problems with the machine.


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