Interactive Intelligence

Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, Interactive Intelligence (ININ) is a unified communications and contact/call center platform developer. Their two flagship products are the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and PureCloud, a full feature cloud-hosted unified communications solution.

PureCloud itself is an umbrella term to describe several interconnected products. Each component, however, is still cloud-hosted as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. PureCloud Engage is ININ’s contact/call center platform. PureCloud Collaborate gives your workforce the ability to chat, video conference, conduct online meetings, and share documents across the enterprise. PureCloud Voice offers public telephony access to any PureCloud service the company has already subscribed to. Finally, PureCloud Communicate combines unified communications telephony services into a single interface.

As a cloud-hosted service, PureCloud offers modern enterprises a number of advantages. Companies do not need to purchase, support, or refresh any data center hardware on-premise. Instead, users simply access their PureCloud solution through their internet connections. Plus, updates are automatic, and new features can just be “unlocked,” rather than purchased and deployed. It saves time, money, and even allows the contact/call center manager greater control of their environment without the need for IT assistance.

On the other end of the spectrum, ININ also offers their Customer Interaction Center platform. CIC is a full-feature traditional contact/call center platform perfectly suited for a wide range of business sizes and complexities.


    • PureCloud Engage
    • PureCloud Collaborate
    • PureCloud Voice
    • PureCloud Communicate
    • On-Premise Customer Interaction Center (CIC)


    • PureCloud Elite Partner
    • CIC Elite Partner

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