Cohesity offers businesses an opportunity to consolidate their disaster recovery and backup solutions through their Data Platform and Data Protect services. In addition, Cohesity also provides hyperconvergence nodes for storing your secondary data.


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Data Backup / Disaster Recovery, Industry News

In September, Puerto Rico was hit by two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, within a span of just a few weeks. That crisis left much of the infrastructure damages and all but eliminated network connectivity entirely. Upwards of 90% of the cell towers on the island…

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Data Backup / Disaster Recovery, Infographics

There are numerous misconceptions about disaster recovery strategy in modern business. For some, they believe that it would be too expensive to construct a disaster recovery plan. Others mistake their backup strategy for a disaster recovery strategy. However, the worst misconception is that businesses today…

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Data Backup / Disaster Recovery

Mindsight sat down with Lilac Schoenbeck from Carbonite to discuss backup, disaster recovery, and how these technologies have developed over the last five or ten years. Our conversation went on to demystify the solutions and explain how accessible these technologies can be to organizations of…

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