Citrix is an American software company that specializes in virtualization applications. XenApp and XenDesktop can remove applications tied directly to hardware and allow multiple applications to be hosted on the same server as virtual machines. Another Citrix solution, Netscaler, can help maximize application performance.


    • XenApp
    • XenDesktop
    • Netscaler


    • Citrix Silver Solution Advisor

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Converged Infrastructure / Virtualization, Data Storage

Across the IT industry, virtualized and “software defined” solutions are rising in popularity. Whether the desktop or the network, new technologies are hitting the market to either virtualize or abstract the intelligence of the data center. Less discussed, but no less viable, of these technologies…

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Converged Infrastructure / Virtualization, Education

Today in IT, one of the biggest trends (outside of cloud) is virtualization. Whether it’s network virtualization, storage virtualization, server virtualization or more, this strategy enables a company to do more with less. For instance in the case of server virtualization, administrators can run the…

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Converged Infrastructure / Virtualization

Hyperconverged infrastructure is a radical shift in data center planning and design. Normally, the core elements of a data center—computing, storage, and networking—are all separate components and separate pieces of hardware. In a hyperconverged infrastructure, however, all those elements are combined into a single box.…

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