Avaya Filed Bankruptcy

Mindsight Can Help You Take the Next Step

On January 19th, 2017, Avaya filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy due to its overwhelming debt, but the story doesn’t end there. Even after the bankruptcy, Avaya is still $6.3 Billion in the hole, and the company is now selling off parts of their business to get back into the black. This has serious implications for any Avaya/Nortel contact/call center customer.

Mindsight is ready to help you transition your contact/call center to a new platform and take steps to safeguard your customer experience.

What Happened?

Back in 2007, Avaya was purchased by two private-equity groups named Siler Lake Partners LP and TPG Capital LP. Simply put, the interest accrued from the purchase has cut too deep into corporate revenue. In 2016 alone, Avaya listed a net loss of $750 Million.

Learn more about the bankruptcy in our blog post, “Avaya Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.”

Mindsight Is Here to Help

Take advantage of our contact center consultancy services to help guide your organization away from Avaya and towards more stable developers, such as Cisco and Genesys|Interactive Intelligence.

  • Contact Center Roadmap

    To build a successful contact center, you must have efficient and powerful technologies as well as a motivated and enthusiastic workforce. The Contact Center Roadmap from Mindsight will help your organization optimize both these facets of your contact/call center. Our principal consultants will work with you onsite to improve business processes and the technology solutions that support them.

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Mindsight Contact/Call Center Certifications

  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Authorized Technology Provider (UCCE ATP)

    Mindsight is equipped to sell and deploy the enterprise-level contact/call center platform from Cisco. Only a handful of technology partners in the Chicago area and 28 nationally have earned the necessary certification work with UCCE.

  • Cisco Master Collaboration Specialization

    The Master Collaboration Specialization certification is given to technology partners who demonstrate a thorough understanding of Cisco collaboration technology. Whether Jabber, WebEx, Spark, or other tools, Mindsight has proven to be experts with these solutions.

  • PureCloud Elite Partner and CIC Elite Partner

    Both the PureCloud Elite Partner and CIC Elite Partner certifications are testaments to Mindsight’s expertise with the Genesys | Interactive Intelligence suite of contact/call center solutions. From Pure Cloud to PureEngage and PureConnect, Mindsight can help you deploy these powerful contact/call center platforms in your organization.

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