Mindsight Collaboration Solutions

Create, Innovate, and Respond Faster

Better collaboration means more productivity and efficiency. Mindsight can help your organization build a more cohesive workforce. Our collaboration solutions allow customers to communicate both inside and outside the organization more securely and effectively than ever before.

By taking advantage of best-in-class collaboration platforms, web conferencing, and productivity tools, we enable users to connect in the manner best suited to them. Our clients can collaborate or communicate using any medium, device, or operating system — anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.

Voice and Voicemail


At Mindsight, we offer a variety of voice solutions for your business needs. Whether you’re looking for the right telephony system or the right solution, Mindsight consultants can help.

Cisco Unity Voicemail

Access your voicemail messages anytime, anywhere with Cisco’s voicemail solutions. Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity Express offer a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to address a variety of business needs.

Messaging and Conferencing


Bringing communication and collaboration together, Mindsight offers several messaging/conferencing tools that can help you build a stronger, more connected workplace.

Microsoft Skype for Business
Cisco Spark
Cisco Jabber

  • Telepresence/Video

    Telepresence and video conferencing are transforming the ways organizations conduct meetings. Through high-end video collaboration, users are immersed in an experience that makes them feel like they’re in-person despite meeting remotely. Mindsight can plan, implement, maintain, and monitor telepresence/video solutions for your organization.

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  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    An increasing number of workers are now bringing their own personal devices to the workplace to use and access data. Though there are many benefits, there are also potential risks. Mindsight’s BYOD strategies can help alleviate these risks. Our engineers have expertise with Cisco technologies and know how to provide an optimized and managed experience without sacrificing security, visibility, or control.

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  • Border Elements and SIP Trunking

    Improve your communication systems with Cisco Unified Border Element and SIP Trunking. Mindsight can help you realize the many advantages of these solutions. Our engineers can also install, configure, maintain, and monitor your systems in whatever capacity you need.

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