Managed Data Center Services

Let Us Manage Your Environment So You Can Work On Other High Priority Items

The data center is a diverse collection of different technologies. Servers, storage arrays, switches, hypervisors, and the fibre to connect it together all need to function properly in order for the data center to perform its duties. Because of the assortment of components involved, some companies may only require managed services for certain areas of their data center—while others might benefit from more robust support.

Mindsight has expertise in the latest data center technologies. We have acquired the Cisco Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization. With this, Mindsight stands as a valuable consulting resource in the areas of unified management, unified fabric, and unified computing technologies. To better meet your specific needs, Mindsight’s Managed Data Center Services split the data center technologies into three distinct areas: servers, storage, and hypervisors.

Three Areas of Managed Data Center Services

  • Servers

    From monitoring to troubleshooting and more, Mindsight is a valuable resource in maintaining servers. We can protect your servers from both application downtime and performance issues. Mindsight’s certified Microsoft server engineers can provide advanced support for your Windows servers.

  • Storage

    The health and proper function of the data center’s storage arrays are of significant importance. Mindsight’s Managed Services make sure these devices remain operational and the data is always accessible. Our certified storage engineers can provide advanced support for your SAN storage solutions.

  • Hypervisor

    Most modern data centers have utilized virtualization technology to increase the efficiency of their environment. Mindsight’s engineering experts can provide advanced support for both VMWare and Microsoft hypervisors.

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