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The Mindsight managed services program is designed to take care of the essentials for businesses throughout Chicago. With the legwork of running the environment out of the way, IT professionals can focus on high priority items. We act as an extension of your in-house team and supplement your existing staff. Each of our engineers is a highly-certified subject-matter expert in one or more of our specialty areas: collaboration, data center, or networking.

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Why Do You Need Managed Services?

managed-servicesFor many Chicago area companies, routine maintenance, monitoring, and updating of the IT environment can quickly eat up the majority of the IT department’s time and resources. It can be a challenge to implement new initiatives, reconsider approaches, or even research new technologies with the majority of the day devoted to maintenance. Don’t worry. Mindsight can help.

The Advantages of Having a Managed Services Provider

Save Time

When you offload the monitoring, maintenance, or even full administration of components of your IT environment onto our team, you have more time to dedicate to high priority tasks.

Save Money

Hiring and training additional IT staff can be costly. managed services allows you to focus your resources where you need them the most. Our service level agreements shift your variable costs to predictable ones. Having greater control over IT costs allows you to better plan your budget for the future.

Access to Expert Level Engineers

It can be nearly impossible for many companies to staff a certified expert in every area of their environment. At Mindsight, over 80% of our engineers have advanced certifications. We can be an extension of your in-house team and provide the necessary knowledge with our mindful, consultative approach.

Minimize Risk

At all levels of a Mindsight managed services agreement, clients receive 24-hour monitoring services. Day and night, our team has an eye on your environment should something go wrong. We assume the risk so you don’t have to. Your peace of mind is our priority.


Our clients have the freedom to pick and choose the level of attention Mindsight devotes to each technology area. Our managed services program is structured to cater to your specific, timely needs.

Implement New Technology Quickly

Mindsight has the resources and experience to deploy new technologies right away, eliminating the time it would take your in-house team to find or train the right people.

Three Levels of Managed Services

Mindsight offers clients one of three service levels in each technology area, including collaboration, data center infrastructure, networking, and applications. With these options, you can mix and match the three service levels across your whole environment. All of our managed services agreements begin with a thorough analysis. We also provide recommendations and a roadmap for the future.

Aware – Advanced Monitoring and Alerting for the Environment

Beginning with an assessment and recommendations, Mindsight engineers will then monitor the chosen area of the environment 24×7 and send immediate alerts should any issue arise.

Manage – Providing Immediate Solutions When You Need Them

Includes all the benefits of Aware. However, when our team discovers an issue in the system, we immediately begin to address the problem and find a solution. Manage also protects system performance by enabling our team to diagnose issues and install any necessary updates, rollups, and service packs.

Change – Proactively Improve Your Environment to Avoid Future Crises

Includes all the benefits of Aware and Manage and adds some key features. With Change, our engineers proactively implement upgrades and environment alterations unrelated to break/fix activities.

Mindsight Managed Services Areas

  • Collaboration

    Mindsight offers managed collaboration services in two areas:

    • Voice
    • Contact/Call center

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  • Data Center

    Mindsight’s managed data center services are offered in three areas:

    • Servers
    • Storage
    • Hypervisors

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  • Network

    Mindsight’s managed network services deliver support in whatever capacity you require including: 

    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Firewalls

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  • Applications

    Mindsight’s Managed Applications are split into three distinct areas:

    • Virtual desktops
    • Exchange servers
    • Data backup

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