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As a managed services provider, Mindsight offers managed IT services in the following areas: remote monitoring and management, managed collaboration and contact center services, managed cloud services, backup and disaster recovery, and security as a service. The Mindsight managed IT services program is designed to take care of the essentials for businesses throughout the greater Chicago area.

It can be nearly impossible for many companies to staff a certified expert in every area of their environment. At Mindsight, 90% of our engineers and consultants have advanced certifications. Each of our engineers is a highly-certified subject-matter expert in one or more of our specialty areas: collaboration, contact/call center, data center, or networking. Better yet, Mindsight offers 24/7, 365 monitoring and services including weekends, evenings, and holidays.

Mindsight will act as an extension of your in-house team, supplement your existing IT staff, and provide the knowledge needed to solve your toughest technology challenges with our mindful, consultative approach. If you have ever found yourself short of help, fighting fires, managing risks, and working off hours rather than strategically focusing the firm on new technology, Mindsight can help. With the legwork of running the environment out of the way, IT professionals can shift their focus to higher priority items.

Why Do You Need Managed IT Services?

managed-servicesFor many Chicago area companies, routine maintenance, monitoring, and updating of the IT environment can quickly eat up the majority of the IT department’s time and resources. It can be a challenge to implement new initiatives, reconsider approaches, or even research new technologies with the majority of the day devoted to maintenance. Don’t worry. Mindsight can help.

The Advantages of Having a Managed IT Services Provider

Minimize Risk

At all levels of a Mindsight managed IT services agreement, clients receive 24-hour monitoring services. Day and night, our team has an eye on your environment should something go wrong. We assume the risk so you don’t have to. Your peace of mind is our priority.


Our clients have the freedom to pick and choose the level of attention Mindsight devotes to each technology area. Our managed IT services program is structured to cater to your specific, timely needs.

Implement New Technology Quickly

Mindsight has the resources and experience to deploy new technologies right away, eliminating the time it would take your in-house team to find or train the right people.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“Mindsight wanted to learn about who we were and what we doing before sitting down and proposing solutions.”
— Chief Financial Officer, Media Organization


“Of all our managed services providers, Mindsight was the most responsive and came to the table with very creative solutions to our problems.”
— VP of Operations, Healthcare Real Estate Investment Firm


“I can pick up the phone and call someone from Mindsight’s senior management. We can talk everything over, which is important when dealing with larger support partners.”
— Manager of IT Services, Food Production Company


“They maintain very open communication and provide administrative support when needed. It’s important that we’re never left in the dark, and Mindsight would not let that happen, which is the support reliability we need.”
— Chief Operating Officer, Manufacturing Company


“We were very impressed with Mindsight’s level of knowledge and with their communication. They could come always explain a problem or solution in terms everyone could understand easily.”
— Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology and Services Manager


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Mindsight Managed IT Services Areas

  • Remote Monitoring and Management

    Mindsight’s Remote Monitoring and Management offering manages your storage, servers, hypervisors, network, and applications. If it is part of or supported by your data center, Mindsight can provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

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  • Collaboration and Contact Center

    Mindsight Managed Collaboration and Contact Center will manage your unified communications, collaboration, and/or contact center environments so that you can dedicate resources to other priorities. With our Cisco Master Collaboration certification, you can be confident that our engineers will manage your environments accurately and efficiently.

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  • Cloud Managed Services

    Cloud environments can benefit from the same form of monitoring and maintenance conducted in on-premise data centers. Whether a few applications or your entire environment, let Mindsight keep your cloud-hosted applications and systems in order and performing as expected.

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  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Mindsight Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services can be leveraged as a reliable safety net for your environment. Our engineers will oversee, manage, and regularly test your backup solution to ensure your backups are ready at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, our team can design and maintain a full disaster recovery strategy. If the worst were to occur, a Mindsight managed services agreement would be an invaluable ally in responding to the crisis.

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  • Security as a Service

    To protect the cloud, you need a solution built for the cloud. Security as a Service provides network monitoring, analytics, and insight to ensure that your on-prem or cloud deployment is protected from malicious files. Explore Security as a Service and how Mindsight can help you refine or build a security strategy.

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