Tympani Inc. Is Now Mindsight

What’s in a name? Tympani is not just your average Value-Added Reseller. While the technology we offer is important, it’s one part of a larger solution to help your company conduct business in the most productive way possible.

At the heart, we’re consultants. We strive to understand your business, your views, and your goals and ensure that our views and the direction we lay out for you are aligned. We take the time to get to know you and make sure that our recommendations get you closer to your goals. We’re thoughtful, reflective, and a little nerdy—and wanted a name that would best represent us. That’s why we chose Mindsight.

We’re still the same company you’ve known in Chicago since 2004, we just have a name that fits us and our consulting model. We’re Mindsight, and we believe thoughtful technology and transparent transactions are the best way to build trust.

We’ll Help You Find What You Need

I Work In IT

From data center to contact center and everything in between, Mindsight offers a broad range of technology solutions to suit any IT professional’s needs.

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I Work in a Contact/Call Center

Let Mindsight help you drive business process improvements within your contact/call center, so that you can create the best customer experience possible.

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I Own a Fast-Growing Enterprise

From Cisco Spark to managed services, we have outlined the technology most relevant to fast-growing enterprises.

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I’m a Business Executive

As a business executive, it’s important to stay on top of the latest technology trends. From CloudStream to managed services, Mindsight will let you know what’s trending.

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What We Do


Mindsight is a technology consulting firm with a proven process to help you achieve your business goals. Our consulting model involves providing assessments/roadmaps, delivering recommendations, implementing those recommendations, and managing your environment.

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Cloud boils down to two questions: where would you like your data stored and are you OK with sharing resources, such as compute and storage, with other companies? From colocation to public cloud and everything in between, we have answers.

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Converged Infrastructure

This is your “Data Center in a Box” solution. Converged Infrastructure combines Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus switches, and storage from your preferred vendor in a pre-validated design. Share resources and reduce overhead with Converged—and now Hyperconverged—Infrastructure.

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Data Center Virtualization

Transform physical devices into virtual machines and reduce both capital and operational expenses. Whether it’s server virtualization, desktop virtualization, or application delivery, we can help you decide what may or may not be a fit.

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Data Storage

Data storage is one of the most important aspects of IT—and often takes up a significant portion of the IT budget. However, now that flash storage is becoming more and more cost effective and accessible, some of that data storage budget can be used for other high priority items. Let us help you determine what storage array is best for your environment.

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Data Backup and Recovery

A company that loses its data, loses everything. It’s extremely important to ensure that your data is safe and recoverable should there be an issue. Explore your data backup and recovery options and let Mindsight help you find the right solution.

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Disaster Recovery

Is your data safe when disaster strikes? Mindsight can help you plan and prepare for fire, flood, power outages, snow, Godzilla, or whatever else Chicago throws your way.

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Core Infrastructure Applications

Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and Office 365 are important parts of any business. From mergers and acquisitions to migrations and additional locations, we can keep your business moving forward.

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Work is rarely done in a silo. Oftentimes, it takes a team to complete a task or project. Being able to communicate with that team will increase productivity and efficiency. With Voice, Messaging/Conferencing, BYOD, and more, we can help you bring people and offices together to create a more cohesive workforce.

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Contact Center and Customer Engagement

Customers are interacting with their favorite companies through email, social media, chat, and phone. Mindsight can show you the latest strategies, technologies, and tools to make sure your Contact Center and Customer Engagement agents are talking to customers in the medium of their choice, and in a way that is most convenient to them.

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Network Infrastructure

An application, no matter how good it is, is nothing without a strong network. Ensuring that your wired and wireless networks are running efficiently and effectively can be challenging. Let Mindsight help steer you to the best network strategy for you.

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Data Security

With malware, ransomware, and viruses becoming more and more prevalent, the ability to proactively protect your data is absolutely necessary. Let Mindsight help you determine the best plan for your company before, during, and after an attack.

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They say you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Keep track of your contacts, leads, and accounts, while creating reports to let you know where your customers are in in the buying cycle — and how you can best help them move through the stages.

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Managed Services

Mindsight has a team of experts in every discipline ready to help you manage your technology. Whether it’s our expertise in emergencies, or using us as an addition to your existing IT team, we have the managed services package to suit your needs.

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Technical Support

If you need a few hours of support or would like to place the Mindsight support team on retainer, we’re here for you. Get the extra help you want from the experts you need.

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Mindsight Named a Top Technology Firm in Chicago

In the review process for Top Technology Firms, Clutch evaluated our organization and, most importantly, reached out to some of our clients to ask about the quality of service they received. Each client that participated scored us on our quality, scheduling, cost, overall rating, and willingness to refer. With all the surveys totaled, Mindsight earned a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5 star composite score.

"I would say that their professionalism and responsiveness stands out. Mindsight has some talented people on their team and everyone we've interacted with has been top notch."

— IT Director, Consumer Products Manufacturer

"We were very impressed with Mindsight’s level of knowledge and with their communication. They always explain a problem or solution in terms everyone could understand easily."

— Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology Firm

"They maintain very open communication and provide administrative support when needed. It’s important that we're never left in the dark, and Mindsight would not let that happen, which is the support reliability we need."

— Chief Operating Officer, Centrifuge Manufacturer